Outdoor Gear

After 10 years of exploring natural woodlands in the Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria, in an attempt to make these remote mountains more accessible by rediscovering forgotten paths, originally made by animals, widened by men and then over-grown by brambles and thorny bushes, and going through countless pairs of trousers due to snags, rips and tears, I researched the internet and found the most amazing pair of trousers that were both suitable for my adventures and still very stylish.

Made by Fjall Raven, a Swedish company that began making backpacks in 1960 and progressed into clothing, the Nilla trousers are very comfortable cotton with reinforcements in the right places and thanks to Fjall Raven G-1000 technology, the simple to reapply Greenland Wax means they are hard wearing and water resistant.

After stroking the soap-like wax bar on the places that need protection, you ‘melt’ the wax into the fabric with a hairdryer. Watching it disappear is like magic! And the more wax you apply, the more waterproof and warmer they are. If the weather changes, just wash them in the machine and they return to light summer walking trousers.

Nilla trousers