Organic Menu

The wonderful thing about our location in the Rhodope Mountains is the lack of human development and thereby the unspoilt land on which we grow everything organically. It is also partly thanks to Bulgaria’s withdrawal from the outside world under communism that has to date, maintained a less intensive attitude to farming than Western Europe. The cleanliness of the air you breathe offers an invigorating hint of how pure life in the mountains is, together with fresh mountain spring water and a variety of organic foods that cater for all diets.


In stark contrast to the average supermarket, our organic holidays are not a struggle (not including digging, weeding, sowing, cultivating and baking of course!). Mountain life ensures this organic purity and enables us to create all manner of cuisine, from the traditional light fluffy pastry found in a Bulgarian Banitsa to the lean organic steak, hand picked fresh vegetables and creamy mashed potato topped, Shepherd’s Pie.


We grow a huge variety of fruit and vegetables in our organic garden and source all additional supplies locally and responsibly.

Example of a daily menu:

Home made muesli with fresh milk or yogurt & garden beehive honey
Scrambled free range eggs with fresh basil or full English
Home baked bread with local butter & selection of home made jams
Seasonal fruit juices, herbal, green & English tea or Turkish coffee

Home made carrot & parsnip soup with fresh coriander
Home made bread & locally sourced butter
A selection of local cheeses & green garden salad with tomatoes
Baked potato with chilli-con-carnie or melted cheese
Fresh fruit salad of apples, apricots, plums, grapes, cherries & fresh cream

Afternoon tea & scones on the patio

Garlic mushrooms with blue cheese
Lamb or vegetable hotpot with dumplings & warm home baked rolls
Garden apple, quince & blackberry pie with home made custard