Bulgaria News May 2010

Stork and babies

Apologies for the time gap between blogs – there seems so much to do and such little time! My garden has really kicked off and flowers and plants are reaching for the sun all around. The colours are so rich and vibrant and the surroundings entice me away. Every day I go for at least an hours walk to see the changes, whether it be something to see like a new type of flower or hear like a birdsong, something to smell like the wild mint or something to collect like an edible mushroom come into season to add to my home cooked organic omelette. Don’t worry, any new varieties are checked by a neighbour who was raised picking mushrooms on these mountainsides! We have been made very welcome by the villagers who bring us samples to try before showing us where to find them.

Some good news is that Bulgarian wine export has increased by 50%. Mostly to Russians but if you see one available we recommend you try. We’ve sampled a few and all were good so far but we especially like those from the Thracian valley. Of course I’d like to make all my own wine from the many red and white grapevines in my garden but like I said, so much to do, such little time or in Bulgarian: Mnogo rabota, malko vreme!



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