Bulgaria News March 2010

Stork & her babies

Good news on nature: Electric board CEZ have put up over 500 boards on top of their pylons so the Storks that nest on them do not cause power cuts by landing on the cables. The work was difficult as the existing nests were hard to move. In some cases new pylons were erected and the cables transferred which left the nests undisturbed. The storks travel to Europe after wintering in Africa and are very welcome by the Bulgarians as they signal the start of spring. See picture right for the elevated Stork nest.

Weather: Bulgaria is currently experiencing heavy snow with blizzards and snowfall worst in North Eastern parts. Many schools are shut, roads closed to trucks and cars only permitted using snow chains. Many towns are experiencing power cuts and telephone lines are down. However in the south, up in the Rhodope Mountains, a tap left dripping prevents the water pipes freezing and mobile phones still work exceptionally well. Snow ploughs regularly work the timber tracks but the villagers all get enough wood delivered in December to keep their wood burners going until summer. And because of the weather, if the electric goes off, the freezers stay frozen so cooking and heating are not problems in Lubino!

Good news on the organic front: The Bulgarian Agricultural Minister has assured no GM crops are permitted in Bulgaria.



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